We Are All Desert Hearts

For here
We are all desert hearts
Free spirits
finding free friends
and full souls
We keep from freezing by
looking fly in fuzzy coats and
fitting twelve people
in a four person tent
We let our laughter be our fire

We fall into beds of pillows
Cuddle puddles
feeling high on love and
We float suspended
forgetting the feeling of a
furrowed brow
Our bellies full from
feasts of French toast

Time flies
and does not fit into
Clocks and watches
We watch
and are watch worthy
Fists full of stardust and
fingers to the sky
We are a fascinated
fascinating flock

Lights dance
flames that
flicker and flow
from one flashy
They remain faithful
to a persistent pulse
now indistinguishable
from our own

For here we are
lost but found
No frills or fanciness
We are fearless
Flooding our minds and bodies with
delicious grooves
painted faces
Our colored ghosts come alive

For here
we have no need
for fairy tales and
We delight in each other
under a full moon and
Without forewarning
find family

We flee from fake friends and
no longer frazzled
We let our freak flags fly and
feign nothing
From what and where
is insignificant
Because here
We are all desert hearts




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