The Sun Beams

It turns out they were only projected lights
But at that moment I was certain that each tiny green bulb had been strung purposefully throughout these trees
Just for me
So I could wander through an enchanted forest

I roamed
I played
I loved strangers
And felt them loving me

The moon, always subtly calling me
Now showed its splendor triumphantly loud

I said, “It’s going to rise soon. I can feel it.”
He said, “It’s too early. Probably a couple of hours.”
But soon, without hurry, it became brighter and warmer
He said, “You were right. Just wait until it appears above the mountains.
Wait until you finally feel it on your skin.”

Unable to remember the first time
My untainted exterior met our brightest star
I knew that this was how it felt
Born again
Bathed in new light

I tried to drift to sleep but I was entranced
By hundreds of sun beams
Beating through each pore in my face
No longer reflecting
But pouring out of me


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