An Ode to Rainbow Bob

Many years ago, my uncle and his friend were going up to Oregon to visit a friend’s dad who was living on a communion. When they got there, they were told about a member named Rainbow Bob who was sadly murdered by this crazy guy who lived up in the mountains. They didn’t know his name, they just called him Mountain Man. Well the story goes that Mountain Man was going to jail for life for some unknown, probably violent reason. So as one tends to do, my uncle got this idea that they should sneak into Mountain Man’s shack deep in the woods, up on the mountain. Anti-climactically all they witnessed on the scene was an odd collection of artifacts probably collected over the years by Mountain Man. Needing something for their efforts, my uncle and his buddy stole a cast iron skillet and a knife. My uncle still has the skillet but refuses to use it. When they returned to the commune, they were invited to the memorial down by the river where they were to spread Rainbow Bob’s ashes. But before they dispersed the ashes, they all packed their pipes with some weed and bit of the ashes and proceeded to smoke some of Rainbow Bob. My uncle says he still feels Rainbow Bob’s presence to this day.


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