Freeze This Moment in Time

i feel your distance profoundly, like lightyears being self-aware of their own magnitude. you shine bright from thousands of miles away and your pull is a gravity all its own. this life, mysterious as it is, finds me in the strangest of unknowns. what haunts you? that is the question i ask, feeling your ghost transcend space and time, and waver in and out of existence, near me, yet so far away. i feel your embrace as if you were here, and still i know you are not. will you ever be? will i? let’s burn down the walls, shed away these skins, and live beyond the veil. life is a mask we have been forced to wear, but the shadow behind it is what i desire. i see you. and you see me. when the pieces fall apart, your smile remains, a delicate surprise to those that truly know. and again, all i want to do, is freeze this moment in time.


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