Push, Pull

When I find you
We will lay here in the sand
Holding hands
Fireworks flashing from afar
The smell of the waves lullabying
And you will think
“Finally. I’m home.”
I will squeeze your hand tighter
And without words
Which are lovely
(And at times, all we have)
We will know
That we can let the rest of them go
You will look at me
Riding bikes with no hands
Unable to keep my shoulders from dancing
And you will adore the freedom and warmth I exude
I will feel that adoration
And meet it with sunshine
The kind that only comes from inside
From corners that were once dark and dusty
You’ll make me want to jump off cliffs for you
You’ll provide a safety unparalleled
We will kiss with our eyes
We will be pushovers for one another
We will push each other to edges
We will push, pull
Understanding the tears
That have made up our years
We will always talk to strangers
And pull from them their stories
In the gentlest of ways
We will know
That we don’t always know
But we’re pretty damn sure this time
Until then
I’ll ride bikes with no hands
I’ll dance with my shoulders
I’ll think about your hand
Pining slightly for it
But resting in the net of pillows
The universe ultimately provides
With every changing tide



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