This Scripture We Write Together

Although short a stay,
I must convey,
I’m truly blessed to be drowned by your laughter, hug, and kiss,
This uncontrollable vibe I always miss,
I scream from the belly of a whale,
This scripture we write together is one hell of a tale,
I once held a lantern in the dark,
Just lookin for that spark,
As beads on a string we fell one on top of another…
Click click click we sounded off connecting our colors to form ordained patterns, that swirled and twirled… Laughing, screaming, shouting, dancing… Our spirits leaving our bodies as they clouded the night sky blending in with the galaxies as they shined so bright even if it was only for that one, magical, splendid moment… A segment so vivid, so powerful engrained in our brains… We come and we go, but never forget….


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