Lonely Nights and More Cigarettes

Inspire me,

Require me to detach from the solace of your company

As you’re shipped you off to discomfort,

lonely nights, and more cigarettes.

Take my unprecedented love and send it far, far away

And smother me with nostalgia.

Shower me in unfamiliar notions,

Mend the blow with a tourniquet of reassurance-

This is not a scab that heals, dries, then flakes away

It is a laceration that relentlessly drips blood onto the floor.

Asleep and awake, i still find you next to me.

Losing my breath and some body heat,

I swallow this burden for all that it’s worth,

And all that it entails.

Because the day i see you again-

We will take our tribulations and set them on fire

Ashes masking us in a thick veil

Of everything we’ve fought for

We’ll embrace each other as the fire rages on

Consuming all that we lost,

Manifesting a superlative new light of creation-

Obliterating the misery we have come to befriend,

We will evolve into something unbreakable.

Survival our muse,

Distance our test.

Take me back into the moonlight again.

Show me the stars, lock your hand with mine.

Rub your chest against my skin.

Ravage me like a panther

pursuing coveted prey.

Rip my flesh away with your teeth,

and claw me until i bleed.

Nurse from my core as you adhere to the rhythm of my heartbeat.

Pause the clock and make the world stop.

Swim into the horizon with me,

As we flow into a new dimension,

These wounds will heal with your embrace.




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