I.A.M. – The Interdimensional Aortic Mindmelt

My faltering footing was the first sign that something was amiss. I looked in their general direction, hoping for a sign that all was right but I could no longer decipher my up from down, my left from right, my in from out. My toes danced delicately in an imaginary oasis, stars sparkling at the edge of a cosmic ocean. All about me were beautiful creatures, neither aquatic nor galactic, but every bit as magical. I was comforted, locked arm in arm with two planetary muses, my pillars of strength on a journey belonging in the histories with the Odyssey or the Iliad. Time stood still, space itself opened up, and my meat wrapped vessel we call a body blasted through dimensions, leaving behind all concepts of reality. My mind melted and dripped with eternal tears of endless joy and innate understanding. I was breathing God’s Breath and seeing the birth of existence. My eyes, my ears, and my soul failed to serve me and thus merged with the aether. In their absence, my senses became stronger than I previously imagined possible. Clutched tight within this time traveling vortex, like a psychedelic baby in the womb of existence, I witnessed the Multiverse birthing universes. Life was being created in front of my gracious eyes. The endless music and neon lights played synesthetic tricks on me, trading places with each other, sounds wearing beautiful colors, and sights igniting fantastic tunes.  The spinning disco ball heart beating at the center of reality unraveled like DNA stretching for eternity, connected on every plane through my third eye. I was deep within every molecule of this world as well as the next, and they were within me. It was here the truth exploded inside me. For a brief second the realization sent a quiver of fear through my body, ending at my sacral chakra. The sensation of impending implosion was too great to resist and I had to let go, relinquishing my control and ego to the present. Invisible walls melted on all sides of me, the roof of existence blasted off, and everything became perfectly clear. All that was left was the music. And at the helm of this gigantic spaceship, guiding us on this epic voyage was Papa Lee – the Captain of this Interdimensional Aortic Mindmelt.




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