Life Doesn’t Wait for the Lost

my breath hangs from heavy fog, dewy drops dripping from dimpled skin. the piercing cold does nothing that your silence hasn’t done already. i forge on, determined to understand the answers, cosmic jokes masquerading as lessons. the trees hang heavy with the weight of my arrival, their innate understanding far greater than i could ever hope to possess. what is balance, if not a plank teetering on two sides of the same abyss. and still i carry on, blind and hopeful like a lap dog. climbing and falling, clinging to the promise of eternity, burying the first and only truth: we are born for this and only this. the mountain beckons, an earthly siren eroding and rebuilding. deep beneath the falter of my existence, her breath reverberates about me. life doesn’t wait for the lost. i hold my head high, finally seeing beyond the clouds. i find strength from weakness, the light shining bright above. finally i reach the top, glorious views greeting me with open arms. resting on my shaky knees, i wipe the sweat from my eyes. salty tears stain my lips, gentle reminders of life’s bittersweet mysteries. but what appears before me, but another towering peak. again i rise, and begin my ascent, for what else is there to do. a stagnant life is nothing but slow death. and if i’ve learned anything, it’s that i prefer my death head on…


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