Shower Talk

Patterns of ivory
Easter pink
Green, yellow, blue
Simple patterns
Pressure only from water
Which is adjustable
Chemical bonds
I can catch in my arms
Your tears are my tears
Even if less salty
Your pressure is the best
To hold my sobs
Better than my arms
Home is
Where I am drenched with you


when it’s dry

it’s so dry
and when it rains
it squirts
music, while lovely
(through tympanic membranes)
isn’t good enough
I want to drink it
have it in my blood
my body unsatisfied
until it
absorbs through every pore
ears are not enough
I long for no one
but for treble clef
I want to dance it up and down
to climb it like a ladder
with nothing to prove

Push, Pull

When I find you
We will lay here in the sand
Holding hands
Fireworks flashing from afar
The smell of the waves lullabying
And you will think
“Finally. I’m home.”
I will squeeze your hand tighter
And without words
Which are lovely
(And at times, all we have)
We will know
That we can let the rest of them go
You will look at me
Riding bikes with no hands
Unable to keep my shoulders from dancing
And you will adore the freedom and warmth I exude
I will feel that adoration
And meet it with sunshine
The kind that only comes from inside
From corners that were once dark and dusty
You’ll make me want to jump off cliffs for you
You’ll provide a safety unparalleled
We will kiss with our eyes
We will be pushovers for one another
We will push each other to edges
We will push, pull
Understanding the tears
That have made up our years
We will always talk to strangers
And pull from them their stories
In the gentlest of ways
We will know
That we don’t always know
But we’re pretty damn sure this time
Until then
I’ll ride bikes with no hands
I’ll dance with my shoulders
I’ll think about your hand
Pining slightly for it
But resting in the net of pillows
The universe ultimately provides
With every changing tide

Everything Eyes

How will it feel

The next time

Our eyes


And key

No longer opening


Are everywhere


Once holding


That it was something


Love doesn’t always


Time was a terrible


Nostalgic about your


Are windows to your




Will we evolve?


Secret Loves

Embers glow and fade

In this place

I have seen shooting stars

The moon gazes

Glows upon and within

Here where I have born my soul

Where you have found me

And left me

To learn to love

In new ways

New heights

Loves never known

For this dirt

The dewy grass

The glimmer in the waves

The dew and the glimmer in my own soul

We shimmer together



We shiver

Blankets sometimes wrapped

Sometimes caped

Sometimes my protector

Through late hours

Hovering slow

Like honey


A rare treat

A secret


The sea


And embers


Then burning again

We illuminate


The Sun Beams

It turns out they were only projected lights
But at that moment I was certain that each tiny green bulb had been strung purposefully throughout these trees
Just for me
So I could wander through an enchanted forest

I roamed
I played
I loved strangers
And felt them loving me

The moon, always subtly calling me
Now showed its splendor triumphantly loud

I said, “It’s going to rise soon. I can feel it.”
He said, “It’s too early. Probably a couple of hours.”
But soon, without hurry, it became brighter and warmer
He said, “You were right. Just wait until it appears above the mountains.
Wait until you finally feel it on your skin.”

Unable to remember the first time
My untainted exterior met our brightest star
I knew that this was how it felt
Born again
Bathed in new light

I tried to drift to sleep but I was entranced
By hundreds of sun beams
Beating through each pore in my face
No longer reflecting
But pouring out of me


We Are All Desert Hearts

For here
We are all desert hearts
Free spirits
finding free friends
and full souls
We keep from freezing by
looking fly in fuzzy coats and
fitting twelve people
in a four person tent
We let our laughter be our fire

We fall into beds of pillows
Cuddle puddles
feeling high on love and
We float suspended
forgetting the feeling of a
furrowed brow
Our bellies full from
feasts of French toast

Time flies
and does not fit into
Clocks and watches
We watch
and are watch worthy
Fists full of stardust and
fingers to the sky
We are a fascinated
fascinating flock

Lights dance
flames that
flicker and flow
from one flashy
They remain faithful
to a persistent pulse
now indistinguishable
from our own

For here we are
lost but found
No frills or fanciness
We are fearless
Flooding our minds and bodies with
delicious grooves
painted faces
Our colored ghosts come alive

For here
we have no need
for fairy tales and
We delight in each other
under a full moon and
Without forewarning
find family

We flee from fake friends and
no longer frazzled
We let our freak flags fly and
feign nothing
From what and where
is insignificant
Because here
We are all desert hearts



This bus rolls through the countryside

The sun slowly setting through parted clouds

The longest trip yet taken comes to a close

I am heading back home

I listen to my music for the first time in many days

I am reminded of what I will return to

I shudder to think of it again

The keeping alive

What I do to them

And not for them


I pass villages on a local bus

No one knows or cares about our expensive bags

It is past six

Everyone is home

Spending time with their dearest

Hanging clothes out to dry

Laughing and hugging

They live in another impoverished world

But aren’t they rich?

To love so freely?

To wave and honk at any passer by?

Neither implying or seeking anything but a hello


Sam says his sister died because her belly swelled up

Said that it happens sometimes, the effect of black magic

They took her into the hospital and they said there was nothing inside her anymore

She died

As everyone does

Might that not be better?