The Gladiator

well the gladiator was
sad he ate her
he hacked his lady down
and winced to watch her warm sweet blood
seep into the ground
but the gladiator was
sad he ate her
he did not have a choice
the lady had been banished for
singing with her voice
and when she returned, the emperor
he cast her into the pit
and as for her
it was our hero that he picked
so the gladiator was
sad he ate her
but was himself a slave
and the carcass of his victim was
only vittles master gave
yes the gladiator was
sad he ate her
but he’s got to survive
if he’s gonna slay that emperor
he’s got to stay alive

Mortal Men

and so the knight set out that day

to whither in the wind

his armor gone

his sword is drawn

he and the clouds hold sway

his enemy – withdrawn, within

his beard besmirched his chin

the only shield to guard his soul

the breaking of the day

a blinded monk beside him rides

his mount is but a mule

a fountain in the distance lies

her water foul and cruel

oh purify! oh purify!

our souls are drenched in sweat

and in the beating of our hearts

we feel the dripping wet

what does it mean? what does it mean?

the knight he asks the monk

it means we are but mortal men

and damn we smell of funk