Lonely Nights and More Cigarettes

Inspire me,

Require me to detach from the solace of your company

As you’re shipped you off to discomfort,

lonely nights, and more cigarettes.

Take my unprecedented love and send it far, far away

And smother me with nostalgia.

Shower me in unfamiliar notions,

Mend the blow with a tourniquet of reassurance-

This is not a scab that heals, dries, then flakes away

It is a laceration that relentlessly drips blood onto the floor.

Asleep and awake, i still find you next to me.

Losing my breath and some body heat,

I swallow this burden for all that it’s worth,

And all that it entails.

Because the day i see you again-

We will take our tribulations and set them on fire

Ashes masking us in a thick veil

Of everything we’ve fought for

We’ll embrace each other as the fire rages on

Consuming all that we lost,

Manifesting a superlative new light of creation-

Obliterating the misery we have come to befriend,

We will evolve into something unbreakable.

Survival our muse,

Distance our test.

Take me back into the moonlight again.

Show me the stars, lock your hand with mine.

Rub your chest against my skin.

Ravage me like a panther

pursuing coveted prey.

Rip my flesh away with your teeth,

and claw me until i bleed.

Nurse from my core as you adhere to the rhythm of my heartbeat.

Pause the clock and make the world stop.

Swim into the horizon with me,

As we flow into a new dimension,

These wounds will heal with your embrace.


The Soil of Dead Flowers

are we not of our thoughts? subconsciously lost. Your eyes I admire, a lead to discovery. The world inside of you is an instant light, bringing forth the vibe of which you reside. In all its magnificence, I resent to wonder, could it be the facade of the tears I collect? Manifesting new life from the soil of dead flowers.


Alone in the Sand

Recorded in my heart
it repeats itself again
the desert and the land
God’s playground meant for me
Its where I’ve always been
no wonder I can’t be in the present
I’m never here
I’m roaming the mountains and the hills
drinking water from the land
dancing with wolves
singing with the beasts
rolling around in flowers
missing nothing, experiencing everything
loving as much as I breathe
expecting only oxygen
releasing what I take in
giving more than I’ve been given
being blessed beyond description
in my own little land
alone in the sand
my heart and I reside.


It’s Just a Phase

just who do you think you are?
reinstating these lesions
i wrought so many years rectifying
and striving to neglect
how dare you vindicate your cause
with contentions that portray swords
sifting swiftly into what keeps me alive
say it isn’t so
and i won’t go
but i knew it from your introduction
i just didnt want to concede it
so ill go on with my own ambitions
and get myself into trouble
once more
but its okay because
its just a phase


The Glass in My Veins Bursts into Diamonds

I’m changing
divulging parts of me i never knew prevailed
assuring me I’m not the only home of asylum
watering the garden
of the ludicrous thoughts
bring me the horizon
and ill offer to you the great enigma
expose the ancedotes none could handle,
or so i thought
until now.
the glass in my veins bursts into diamonds
recognizing another being acquires it
ill slice my arms open and convey the gems away
as long as you’ll stay
this season is resuscitated
and subordinately compromised
by the facade of society
in which we will never be
i bow to my Father that lead me to you
such a monumental creation
i only envisioned in the heavens


What Makes You Grin?

compose me more memories, darling
bestow your history
what was is rust
but ill be there to guide you to the pieces
tell me sweet thing,
where have you been?
what makes your fortitude ware thin?
and what makes you grin?
is it the sun at its rise
or the moon at its glistening, resplendent demise
what are your plans?
your intentions with me
am i portended to be just another story
another corroding piece of rust?
scantily fastened onto the surface?
is your heart made of iron or gold?
does it bend or fold?
and your vitality, tell me dear
does it live up to its presentation?
or are you defenseless on the inside,
with an outward flame?
tell me once more,
and tell me again
tell me until I can no longer rise
share with me all the things you have swallowed for so long
I know it afflicts you honey, to keep that smile on


Enticing Red Mess

as I pour yet another glass of this enticing red mess, I am reminded yet again that it’s sole purpose tonight is to forget what has happened to my heart. The antagonizing crushed spirit i have adapted, once naive to this sensation, has transitioned well over time to my numbing habitat to which I have returned. My lips tainted with the blood of the vine, my best efforts to obliterate all reminders that my pleasure can be taken away in an instant; even when they have yet to exist.


The Open Road Was Always Home

open up the tattered book
visiting an old friend
bittersweet palette
affliction comprehend
nightmares transcend
as if i wasn’t watching
the clock that makes the pain come
the timer that goes off when its done
the open road was always home
the safest place I’ve ever known
where thoughts run wild and
truth set free
the only place I felt like “me”
but turmoil follows close behind
when you’re only running from your mind
my spirit rests where sand blows strong
and mountains sing a gorgeous song
when you live the wild and endless dream
you remain connected to what you’ve seen
and now the place I want to be
is here with you and by the sea


An Ode to the Heartless

who decides the wrong from right?
you only see if you win the fight
warmer water is at your knees
enticing you with its colossal tease
continue the search, will you please?
im longing for a soul to squeeze
feed my memory. hold it close
for the battle ahead is further than most
seize your fears, taste the complete
kill of another, intentions sweet
his journey veered claim a prize
but ego gave him death of size
stand your ground, peer your eyes
the enemy is standing by your side
wanting you to chase your pride
but you must run, and never hide
oblivion is its own defeat
but can you make the edges meet?
limits are harsh, too often grown
dont stalk mine, you made your own
dive into the aqualung
and keep your mind forever young
stop singing me the song that stung
lyrics preserve the pictures hung
mental abundance scared to see
all that has been caused by me
with this, I jump into the sea
hoping someone will carry me
but war still lingers in my mind
another excuse is yet to find
remind me once, where did you go?
did insanity bury you into snow?
a guilty conscience may be keen
but finally you’ll feel what I’ve seen
in every crest of your sorry heart
ill make damn sure you’re torn apart
this not whats meant for me
now watch who I’m about to be
leave me now, you’re out of time
take this battle-revenge is mine.